Living with Resilience

March 12, 2020

Resentment to ResilienceThings are a little crazy in our world right now.

The economy, Covid19, politics and a host of things that seem small, but all add up to a lot of fear, frustration, anger, and resentment.

Resentment is an evil beastie, and sometimes we don’t recognize it until it’s WAY too late. When it goes unrecognized we can really cause a lot of hurt, and we might not even know that resentment is at the root of it all.

What’s going on?

  • The onslaught of media and social noise is keeping you in a constant state of worry and anxiety.
  • Working from home sounds like fun, but it can be isolating and after a couple of days cabin-fever sets in but you’re avoiding going out too.
  • The conference or meeting you were going to attend or speak at is canceled and now your business is struggling.
  • You’re caring for a family member with love and care, but beginning to wonder how you can keep going like this without breaking down.
  • You expected a project to go the way you envisioned it, but the other people involved didn’t know your plans and now it’s all wrong.
  • You tried to speak up in a meeting but a co-worker spoke first and took over the conversation. Now, you avoid meetings if they will be there.
  • The person in front of you at the stoplight stopped on a yellow light and now you’re going to be late, and you just go OFF!

Resentment is the persistent feeling that you are not being treated fairly. You don’t feel you’re getting the appreciation, respect, recognition, apology, affection or reward that you deserve. You feel devalued, and when your mind is in that state it can be hard to get out of that mindset. You may find yourself locked up in “What if” and “If only” scenarios.

Because resentment is a low-energy emotion, it can sit there, festering and affecting your life in many ways for years. You start to see other examples of being under-valued and each time the resentment grows. It becomes so familiar that you look for more things to resent, in the news, in other people’s tastes and opinions.

Let’s build Resilience into our lives together
Enough drowning in the negative aspects of resentment, what do we DO about this?

Join me for a free 1-hour online class to learn how to live with a resilient approach.

  • Gain coping skills for stressful situations.
  • How to develop your inner resources to be more resilient in the face of adversity, at home and at work.
  • Identify your pre-set responses to specific stresses and how they affect what is really going on.
  • Recognize emotional triggers and create a game plan to address them mindfully.

Are you ready to start being happier and more resilient in your daily life?


Sign up for the class

Wednesday, March 13 at 12 Noon PT

Sign up before we go live!


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