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Linkedin Launches Blogs for Members

February 19, 2014

LinkedIn Influencer BlogsIn 2012 Linkedin launched the beginning of what has become a powerful stream of thought leadership blogs through their “LinkedIn Influencer” program. The likes of Gretchen Rubin, Richard Branson, Dharmesh Shah and Beth Kanter to name a few, have been lending their voice to LinkedIn and making it a pretty darn awesome content platform. Many of these people have well over 100,000 followers on LinkedIn and it’s growing quickly.

The best part about the Influencer blogs is the ability to share their insight with your social networks and the conversations generated on LinkedIn and other platforms. Raising the level of conversation world-wide is a powerfiul way for someone to become a true social influencer and share their knowledge.

Needless to say there has been a lot of “me too, me too!” coming from lesser known but equally intelligent authors and today LinkedIn opened it’s publishing platform to the larger group of it’s members.

25,000 members will have the opportunity to create their own influencer posts on the LinkedIn platform, and they’ll be expanding that number over the next few months.

Published posts will become part of the member’s public profile and shared with their network on Linkedin. Members can follow the blogs of other members even if they are not in their networks and interact on their blog posts.

A really important part of this is the ability to finally post rich content that is seen on your profile. Videos, images and original SlideShare presentations can be embedded right in your blog post. These rich profiles will tell the world much more about you than the static resumes many people still have on the their profiles on LinkedIn.

How does this work?
If you’ve been given access to the publishing platform you’ll see the option in your profile in the “Share an Update” box on your homepage. Simply click the “edit” icon and you’ll be in the editor. It’s a fairly bare-bones editor but you can do basic formatting and upload images, presentations etc.. Learn more about LinkedIn’s publishing platform and best practices for successful posts.

Did you get access to the new platform? Share your link below so we can follow your progress!

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