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Cool stuff I learned this week

November 9, 2012

newsI’ve been meaning to do posts like this to share some of my favorite bloggers and top stories, but somehow I never actually get it done. (Lazy blogger!). There are so many great posts out there and lots of top stories and new tools to explore too, so here’s the short version of what I learned this week. By the way, we’ll be talking about these things and much more in our weekly Google+ hangout, so come by The Friday Hangout and add your voice to the conversation. The show goes live Fridays at 11AM PST.

The most retweeted Tweet
I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have missed the election results, but did you see Barack Obama’s celebratory Tweet? It is the most re-tweeted in the history of Twitter. My favorite take on it is this, from Johnathan Jones at the Guardian: “It also indicates the nature of his support: younger people who tweet, as opposed to older folk who go hunting. Obama is on the right side of history, and that includes the technological future. In this election, the America of Steve Jobs defeated that of Donald Trump.”

More on Facebook Edgerank
Actor George Takei has a humongous following on Facebook, mostly for his quirky sense of humor but he recently mentioned he’s sharing some of his Facebook tips in his new book Oh Myyyy including a chapter on EdgeRank, spurred on no doubt in the drop in his own interactivity rates. Get the full story here. I’ve said this before on posts about Edgerank and Facebook reach, this whole mess with Facebook is clearly created to force brands to promote posts in order to reach the fans who opted in to hear their messaging. For small businesses this can be crippling and I doubt very much that Facebook cares about that. If big brands can pay for it then so be it.

Really measuring ROI
I discovered a new tool this week for measuring ROI across your social platforms, AND website traffic AND ecommerce. It’s called Sumall and I think they’re really on to something. Are Google and Facebook ads resulting in real sales? Is all that tweeting bringing sales in the door or getting your whitepaper downloaded? Sumall can track your promotions, Tweets and retweets and show you how they relate to sales. In real-time no less. If you have an ecommerce aspect to your business you really need to check this out. Oh, and it’s free.

Instagram goes for the business
Facebook purchased Instagram a while back and it didn’t take them long at all to see the value of adding profile pages where users can share their photos.In fact, according to our friends at Simply Measured, Instagram has seen a 35% boost in adoption since August, passing up Pinterest and leaving Facebook and even Twitter in the dust. To top that off big brands like MTV and Starbucks are well over 800K followers on Instagram. Click the post above to read more of Simply Measured’s findings.

Images for bloggers and presenters
I’m a stickler for making sure the images I use on the site are not violating any copyrights and I often buy images from sites like Fotolia for my presentations instead of pirating something from the interwebs. Imagine my delight at finding Photopin a free resource for creative commons licensed photos pulled from Flickr. Search for a keyword, download the photo in the size you want complete with a copyright statement and you’re done. Awesome.

Speaking of presentations, CJ Brasiel showed me a seriously awesome app for presentations that knocks the socks off Sliderocket , Presi, Keynote and definitely PowerPoint. It’s called Haiku Deck. I sat down with this and whipped out a beautiful presentation on creating a social media strategy in less than an hour, all with creative commons licensed images, sweet fonts and an easy to use (though minimalistic) UI. Also awesome. Bye bye ho-hum.


photo credit: gruntzooki via photopin cc

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  1. Hey Janet, great list. I have a growing list of digital tools to try, and now a few more!

    Tried photopin (excellent) and yet to try Haiku Deck (sounds awesome) and Sumall is right on the money (no pun intended) …

    Did you happen to see the first phase of research that came out from Social Habit? Mark Schaefer wrote a blog a few weeks ago where he shares some stats on the growing demos on Instagram. Check it out. Mindblowing. http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/New_study_reveals_why_Instagram_is_the_next_big_th_12889.aspx

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