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Laura DiBenedetto on the #mindfulSocial Podcast

July 30, 2021

laura DiBenedetto on Mindful Social PodcastThis week’s guest, Laura DiBenedetto founded Vison Marketing, an award-winning marketing agency at the age of 19, and took the marketing world by storm.  Today she is known as America’s Happiness Coach and the #1 Bestselling Author of The Six Habits. Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life.

LauraDiBenedettoteaches how to create the life of our dreams without sacrificing what we love, and found the answers to the question that plagued her (and so many of us)–six of them, in fact. She is devoted to sharing the universally applicable and deeply liberating truths she discovered, so that others may find their own path out of misery and into lasting, fulfilling happiness and limitless possibility.

Listen in to my chat with Laura about getting real with what moves you, brings you joy, and how 6 simple habits can revolutionize your life.

Connect with Laura DiBenedetto on her website where you can grab a free chapter of her book, learn about her self-guided Habit Mastery Program, and more, or reach out through social media below.

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