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Working through a pandemic #mindfulsocial with @nextpivotpoint

May 12, 2020

julie kratz- Mindful SocialOn the show this week my guest is Julie Kratz, an inclusive leadership trainer, author, speaker, and founder of Next Pivot Point. We talked at length on what it’s like to live and work through this pandemic while having smart conversations about how we want to be now and going forward. How can we be in the driver’s seat deciding the path we take through and beyond the crisis? What do we want more of? Less of? How do we make smart decisions and choices as we pivot back to unknown territory after this is over?

Julie predicts that people will seek more purpose in their work. This time has allowed for a lot of self-reflection. With self-reflection generally comes the awakening of a deeper purpose. People will question the purpose in their jobs if it is absent. Having honest one-on-one conversations with employees as they return to work and aligning roles that best fit them and the company’s needs is important.

I couldn’t agree more! Are you ready? Listen to the podcast!

About Julie
Julie Kratz is a TEDx speaker, inclusive leadership trainer, executive coach, author and founder of Next Pivot Point. Her latest book “Lead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Proven Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion

Julie is passionate about promoting equality in the workplace, empowering women to build winning career gameplans while helping organizations pivot to the next level.

Find Julie on:


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