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Nurturing Joy – a Half-day Mindfulness Retreat

April 21, 2021

Nurturing joy retreat

Joy? Really? In these times when life is so challenging?

YES, it’s even more important when we are living and working in turbulent times when we are struggling with seeing the source of joy in our lives. Maybe even feeling selfish and a little guilty for being happy.

If you are like most of us in today’s busy world you might be feeling like:

  • You know you need to take time to fill your own energy stores, but you feel guilty taking the time for yourself.
  • You think you could be doing better with juggling work and life and still have time for regeneration and fun.
  • You’re feeling out of balance, lacking the inspiration and energy to keep running on.
  • You’re beginning to wonder what happened to the joy that used to feel so natural.

What is JOY anyway?

Most of us think of joy as that heart-swelling, all-encompassing full-body electricity that many of us call joy.

Joy is a compilation of several states of being that can include contentment, pleasure, happiness aliveness, a sense of ease or peacefulness.

When we can accept that these are all states of joy we can begin to notice how often we really do feel joy in our lives and celebrate it more often!

Guess what? Noticing joy in its many forms opens the door to more intensified experiences and allowing ourselves to experience it without regret or guilt.

What’s the first step to having more joy in your life?

Setting an intention to seeking joy and allowing it to reveal itself.

That’s what this half-day retreat is all about.

• Setting intentions to notice joy and nurturing it

• Cultivation opportunities to experience more joy in it's many forms

• Learning specific tools to enable us to expand, not contract when difficulties present themselves (cuz they will!)

• Learning to love ourselves, offering self-compassion and appreciation

• Learning to love others, looking beyond challenge to opportunities to connect on a deeper level

• How movement creates opportunities to shift mindset and energize our mindset

Special guest!
Monica Welty will be joining us this month bringing her special approach to self-care through movement and fun! Monica has been working in holistic health since 2003. She serves as a massage therapist and health coach, incorporating her background in whole food nutrition and functional fitness. She is currently developing courses on science-based self-care practices for easy use in everyday life and online spaces. She lives in Portland, OR with her partner and two daughters.

What you’ll need

Bring an open mind, a sense of humor, and be ready to connect with others like you who want more joy in their lives!

The retreat is held on Zoom. You’ll need a webcam and a microphone ( a headset is just fine).

The retreat is interactive and we will be doing practices together, sharing ways to incorporate joy in our lives and diving deep into our mindsets with mindful attention to self-nurturing and care.

What to expect

• Gentle guidance to key concepts of mindfulness

• Simple ways to nourish joy in daily life

• Guided mindfulness meditation

• A safe and caring container for discussion and introspection

• Simple micro-doses of mindfulness to continue your JOY practice

• Free access to weekly mindfulness meditation group

Ready to join us?  Tickets re limited and available on a sliding scale. Pay what you can afford. All are welcome!

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