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Social media management and consulting

social-managementLooking for real, actionable social media strategies and tactics that deliver measurable results? Done with all the rah-rah and vague, high-level overviews that go nowhere and produce nothing?  Let’s talk.

As a social media coach and trainer, I work with all types of individuals, small businesses, mid-size companies and Fortune 500 corporations, teaching people just like you how to manage your social media presence and truly make a connection with prospects and customers. I call myself a social media coach instead of consultant because I really want you to learn how to use all the available tools, and to directly experience how social media can make a lasting impact for you and your bottom line. I want to teach you and have you feel good about your social media interactions.

Friendly, Experienced Professionals
Together with my partners at Tatu Digital Media, I offer a full menu of social media and online marketing services. We’ve been doing this for more than 15 years, and we’ve got a long list of available services from initial strategic planning to hands-on implementation and on-going maintenance.

 Don’t see what you need in the list? Contact me. Or pick up a phone and give me a call at 408.216.7423 to discuss your needs. If we don’t do it, we probably know someone who does.

  • Social media strategy development
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Influencer campaign management
  • Social media coaching
  • Social media monitoring and moderation
  • Outsourced social media strategy and implementation
  • Social media optimization
  • Social Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • In-house social media training
  • Social media workshops and seminars

Corporate Services
Do you need to outsource part of your social media management and monitoring? We can help. We can also come in-house to work with you to fine-tune corporate social media strategies, and then train your staff on the tools and rules so they are secure about being in compliance.

Services for Agencies
Are you an agency with a backload of online marketing needs? Tatu Digital’s team will back you up with a host of services and either white-label or sub-contract to deliver what your client needs.

Services for Consultants
Often times social media consultants create a strategy for a client but implementation and training on the tools necessary for the success of the strategy takes a lot of resources. We have the resources and knowledge to help your clients succeed. That makes us all look great! You create the strategy and we’ll work with your client to make it happen.

How can I help you? Let’s talk!

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Partial client list

  • Audio Publishers Association
  • Audiofile MagazineBenefit Cosmetics
  • Bigfix
  • Broadcom
  • Brocade
  • California Coalition Against Sexual Abuse
  • Campagne Cafe
  • Chefs for Humanity
  • Colter’s Creek Winery
  • David Pollay
  • Dräger – Germany
  • Exploratorium
  • Ghirardelli
  • HarperOne
  • Hearwell Audiology
  • Hess Collection
  • InfoBlox
  • Inn at the Market
  • Joe Goode Dance Company
  • Langham Hotel and Spa
  • Linda Bernardi
  • Malik Management, Switzerland
  • Mark Oldman
  • Monifa Mortis
  • My Dutch Uncle
  • Net App
  • Oakhill Partners
  • Parallel 37
  • Restaurant Gary Danko
  • San Francisco Ritz-Carlton
  • San Jose Intsitute Contemporary Arts
  • Schinner Law Partners
  • The Royce
  • Thirsty Girl
  • Trend Micro
  • University of Oregon
  • Willakenzie Estates Winery