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November 27, 2008

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It’s Thanksgiving in the US and everybody’s getting ready to settle in for a day of football, gorge on our favorite foods and time with family and friends. If you’ve looked at Twitter lately you may have seen the newest of social media fund-raising efforts, TweetsGiving.

The money is to be used to build a new classroom for a school in Tanzania. The goal of raising $10,000 from Twitterers in just 48 hours has already been reached. As of just this morning they’ve raised $10,550. For every $10 over the original goal they will buy a book for the school.

The site is created by Epic Change. “Epic Change makes loans to change-makers like the school’s founder, Mama Lucy Kamptoni, then collaborates with them to transform their hopeful stories into the income they need to pay back loans and create sustainable income streams to support their efforts.” Visit the site for information on their other opportunities to donate or buy gifts through the gift shop. Income from the gift shop goes to acquire resources for projects like this school.

The money is being raised through ChipIn, If you’re raising funds too you should check it out. The widgets are easily installed in a website, a blog or even your Facebook page.

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  1. It is surely amazing what a relatively small group of people can accomplish. Twitter is so much more than just a virtual water cooler. I read your Tweet and yes, we can change the world on bit at a time. I can hardly wait until Obama puts the web to use for the country.

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