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Give yourself the gift of #Mindful #SelfCare

December 17, 2018

Mindfulness Course

Is January your time to recharge? Me too. This is a great time to look back at the things we want to change from last year, and to look forward to how we want to live moving forward. Setting intentions to take action to reduce stress, both at home and at work.

When we do something specifically with the intent of taking care of ourselves it’s a way of reinforcing that we are worth it. Because we are!

I’ve created an easy way to start the ball rolling on a happier outlook on the new year, one in which we set our intentions to be less stressed, easier on ourselves and others and just generally happier with the place we are in.

This is an interactive https://tatu.samcart.com/products/resiliencycircle” rel=”nofollow”>https://tatu.samcart.com/products/resiliencycircle“>8-week program starting January 7 and continuing to February 25. Once a week we’ll spend an hour learning the techniques of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to find a calm central core you may have forgotten you ever had.

Each session will be interactive. You can ask me anything you want, bring up those burning questions like:

  • How to deal with a quarrelsome co-worker
  • How to stop wanting to self -medicate to avoid dealing with __________
  • How to have more balance and control in your life
  • Improve energy and self-esteem
  • Small, actionable steps you can take to be more resilient at home and at work
  • Workbook with tools and exercises to keep you on track
  • Easy and quick guided meditations to enhance positive change
  • Lock mindfulness into your routine  through proven skills and habits
  • Understand how to re-wire your brain for resilience and more joy in your life
  • How our brain has learned to work against us, and how to change that

More than three decades of scientific research at medical centers all over the world suggests that training in mindfulness can positively and often profoundly affect participants’ ability to reduce mental and psychological distress while learning to live life more fully.

Below is an example of the type of content you can expect in this course. 

About the class
The class will be held online through video conferencing in a format that allows each participant to engage as much or as little as you like. I call this format a learning circle.

What is a learning circle?
When we get together with friends and chat about what’s really in our hearts it can be a remarkable experience can’t it? We learn about them, and when we really listen, we learn about ourselves.

I’m deeply invested in creating a meaningful experience with my clients. It’s led us to some amazing breakthroughs and a way of learning that connects us so much more deeply than sitting in a lecture hall.

It’s a type of teaching that comes as much from within us as from our teachers, and I call them Learning Circles.

Here’s the idea in a nutshell. A coach or teacher can teach a class, but if we want it to have a real impact, the student needs to fully understand it and be able to put it into practice. In learning circles, we learn how to use active listening and how to communicate on more than a superficial level. The concepts and tools and presented for discussion, along with the tools for self-introspection, journaling or activities that help facilitate understanding of the concepts.

Learning circles help us soak in what works for us best with lasting results. And they’re a lot of fun too!

Class schedule
This 8-week learning circle begins Monday, January 7, 2019 at 12 NOON PT, 3 PM ET. and continues at the same time each Monday until February 25, 2019. Recordings will be available, but I strongly encourage you to be present for each of these interactive sessions.

Each week we’ll address core skills to teach you how to transform stress into an opportunity for greater health and effectiveness.

Learn how to set triggers and simple tools to help you stay on track, with weekly resources to enrich your life.


Are you ready?

If you're ready to make a commitment to yourself for a better year? Take the next step and sign up for this class and you'll also get a 1-hour coaching session with Janet to help you get focused on your goals and create your own action plan to get there.

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