April 2, 2019

self-careAs a caregiver and an entrepreneur, I know only too well how overloaded we can be. The most common refrain I hear from caregivers is “I don’t have time to take care of myself”. The thing is, if we don’t take time to care for ourselves, everyone suffers, including those we care for. When I wrote “when Life Hits the Fan” it was the beginning of a journey to help caregivers learn how to use mindfulness to take better care of themselves and others too. To learn how even in the darkest of times we can be resilient and see that there is hope.

Later this month I’m hosting a retreat in Sedona, AZ to facilitate learning new ways to be resilient and aware of ways to practice self-care. It only makes sense that I’d offer to give away some seats in the retreat to people who really need this. The contest below is a way to tell a story of a family caregiver you know and offer them a way to attend the retreat. I can’t offer travel or accommodations, but I can offer my services and the lessons I’ve learned. Enter someone you know below, and let’s show them that we see them, that they are valued, and that yes, they DO have time to care for themselves too.

Thank you everyone who entered in the contest. The winner is Dona K.!
I’ve emailed you details on how to join us on Thursday April 25 in Sedona.

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