Getting the Most From Social Media – Janet Fouts

Getting the Most From Social Media

Having trouble communicating?
Communicating with your customer base online through social media seems like a slam-dunk, but it’s a lot more than just “pushing content at them and hoping they’ll be interested. Without a strategy, you could be missing an opportunity to really engage your audience and create a lasting relationship.

Take part in the Webinar “Putting Social Media to Work for You.” and get a leg up on your competitors with the information you need to make social media help you engage your customers.
We’ll cover:

  • What is Social Media?
  • How can it help my business?
  • Overview of social media tools.
  • Examples of social media use – the good, the bad, the unfortunate.
  • Where to find data on growth and social media usage.
  • Creating an effective  social media strategy.
  • 5 steps to get started.

Date: Sept 10, 2008
Time: 1 PM PST
Length: 30 Minutes

Registration for this event is now closed. Stay tuned for Another Webinar in this series soon.

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