February 17, 2010

When I was asked to participate on tonight’s panel for Bay Area Women in Film and Media I was excited. I love films and particularly indie films. To have an opportunity to not only meet women working to create their own film and media projects but to help them learn how to use social media is just awesome.

So how can independent film-makers really use social media to their best advantage? Here are few ideas I’ll share tonight.

Cross-platform storytelling
In order to get your message to as many people as possible you can leverage sites like MySpace, Facebook and even Twitter. Give your characters their own accounts and create personalities around them. Look to the success of TV show Mad Men whose characters have huge Twitter followings, or Dean Koontz’s character Odd Thomas on Facebook.

Create a way for your fans to micro-donate to raise the money for production or marketing. In return maybe they get a button on their Facebook page or web site to show off and continue to share with their friends.

Need a writer or feedback? Crowd-source your ideas and let the fans write part of the script. You can guarantee they’ll promote that to their friends too.

Don’t build a web site. Build a blog. It’s got better SEO and is easier to update more often with clips, images and maybe a journal of the process of putting together your film. Don’t forget a way for people to donate money to help. Let them participate.

Share early and often
Share photos from the shoots or clips of the film on Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and MySpace before the film opens to stimulate interest.

Learn from what other film-makers are doing.

Who else is doing interesting stuff with social media and film? Please share your links and comments below so we can all learn more.

  • What a great panel last night. I learned a lot more about strategy tha I expected. Can you list some of the search things you talked about too? And a link to the podcasting site? Thank you.

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