February 11, 2011

As you might have already heard, Facebook just rolled out the new Facebook Pages design and features as a preview last night. The goal is to make pages look more like profiles and although you still won’t have the same options as you do on your profile it’s a big step in the right direction.

Now, this isn’t official until March 1, so for the moment admins will have the opportunity to preview how your pages will look with the new layout. After March 10 (give or take) all pages will be rolled to the updated layout.

How does it work?
When you visit your Facebook Page you’ll see this banner at the top.

Go ahead and click preview and it will walk you through the new features and give you the opportunity to upgrade the page you’re on and any other pages you administer as well.

There’s no big downside to updating, but there are a few things to think about.

The new design puts a bunch of the images shared or tagged on your page in the “photostrip” at the top. If you don’t have any you might want to get some before you make the switch. If you have some but you don’t want them all featured you can change that in the settings for the page.

Log in as your facebook pageProbably the best new feature is “Login as Page” which gives admins the ability to comment on other pages as the PAGE instead of themselves. This is a fantastic addition for those of us who would love to represent the brand on the page on other Facebook pages. drive traffic to our pages with useful commentary and separate our personal voice from the voice of the page. You can also finally post to your page as yourself, something admins have been clamoring for for ages.

A VERY close second is the new notifications feature. Admins can now create settings to get a notification email when new posts are made on the page. This makes managing a page and interacting with your fans much better and faster. If you are currently using Facebook as your page, you’ll see these notifications in the top left corner when someone interacts with your page.

The “Everyone” filter will allow you to filter the most interesting and engaging posts to the top of the page and even filter out pages that are not in the language you speak (we’re not sure if this is a good thing…)

All in all this is a big step forward for Facebook as a real interactive and useful tool for business. We look forward to seeing what YOU do with these features and what you think about it.

OK, so what’s the downside?
Probably the biggest one is we’ll be seeing spam from pages posting to other pages and even worse you’ll get notifications about it. It’s likely that Facebook will quickly create a way for us to manage this!

Need to learn more about Facebook? Head over to the Social Media Coaching Center right now and give it a spin.

  • I think people who will use the new awesome chance of spreading their facebook page with the interaction facility in this new feature will not solely focus for self promoting their pages because that will simply degrade the value of their page, more importantly their business/service/product what they created the page for.

  • My only real concern about the changes is that posts from the pages friends will be ordered by popularity rather than chronological order. Often our friends post time-sensitive information about events of interest to the community. I wish Facebook would allow admins to decide how this content should be ordered.

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