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Digging deeper into Facebook ad analysis

March 5, 2017

Facebook Delivery InsightsFacebook’s ad platform is constantly changing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. One feature added recently is giving us a lot of insight into the campaigns we run for our clients, and it’s called “Delivery Insights“. This dashboard can help you see what ads are performing well, if they are under or over-delivered to your market or if ads are overlapping, which means they could be competing against each other for the same viewers and ad dollar.

The graphic above shows the delivery of a set of ads over time. You can see the dates the ads were run and how many impressions each ad got as well as the reach. All things you could have seen before. But notice the “First Time Impression Ratio“. This is based on the people who saw your ad for the first time in the last 24 hours. It’s interesting stuff, because we want to be serving ads that feel fresh to the user and not see a decline in ad reach OR an increase in spend (what it costs us to serve those ads to the targeted market.

Audience Reached Ratio” is another new metric. This shows the percentage of your total audience you’ve reached so far, based on the criteria you set (age, gender, location, etc.). This can include a potential audience on other platforms like the audience network, which you may or may not have included in your targeting.

Both of these metrics matter. If the same people see your ads multiple time, you may see a drop in engagement or even a drop in relevance score as people say they don’t want to see the ad. People can also start to experience “Ad blindness”. They’ve seen the ad so often that it becomes invisible to them, they just glaze over and move on. Ad blindness and boring your customers is poison!

What to do?
This is the fascinating part of my job. Creating ads is only the first baby step of successful ad management. It’s the fine-tuning and tweaking based on the story the reports tell you. Are we over saturating the market with the same ad? Is it time for fresh creatives or messaging to get people excited?

Is ad overlap or seeing the same ads bad?
Not necessarily. Obviously, it depends on the intentions you have set for your campaign. Seeing ads more than once can build familiarity and brand recognition. This same dashboard can show you “Estimated Ad Recall Lift”, basically the people who will remember they saw your ad, if asked, within 2 days. Great info to have, especially for visual ads or videos. Will they remember you?

Just be mindful of frequency, reach, conversion as well as audience saturation. If your ads are starting to drop in performance, cost more, or have reduced reach, you’re gonna want to dig into them and see what the issue is.

Ad delivery insights will give you some great, well, insight! Use them to be more responsive to changes in your ad performance and you’ll be ahead of the game. Running ads on any platform is an iterative process. We learn from the metrics, we re-tool and we listen to our audience and what they tell us they want.

How to find out if you have access to Facebook Ad Delivery Insights
This feature is being rolled out over time, as usual with new products. To see if it is available for you, go to Ads Manager, then the “Delivery” column in the campaign and ad set level, or look under the “Tools” menu.


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