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Executive Coaching

exec coaching
Today’s most effective leaders are able to focus on what’s most important amid the frenetic reality of this 24/7 world. They’ve developed the skills to manage complex decisions, the flexibility to listen to and value the input of others, and the discipline to consider them without being derailed by them. They empower and encourage their team, celebrating their growth and successes and their team celebrates theirs.As an executive coach I work with individuals or groups to guide them through the process of:
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and roadblocks to success
  • Creating a roadmap to overcome limiting factors effectively
  • Accountability to follow through to achieve their desired outcome
  • Putting a plan into action to achieve desired outcomes through self-management and leadership skills
  • Identify skill sets needed to reach desired goals
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills for increased performance and leadership
  • Share professional development tools, techniques, and strategies
Why hire a coach from outside your organization?
In general, every single person in the company has at least one agenda of some kind. Bringing in an outsider has many benefits.

A neutral third party can step back and evaluate without the hindrances of an agenda.

 With an external perspective I can create a safe place for discussion of those sneaky hidden time-bombs that nobody wants to bring up within the company.

Being unknown within the company means I don’t have preconceptions of personalities, management style, or corporate culture and can evaluate honestly.

It allows me to cut through politics and create action to break up the stasis that can happen when we get entrenched.

Working with an outside coach keeps your privacy, all coaching is 100% confidential unless you decide to share it or expand coaching to include others on your team. 
conflict management

Coaching conflict management and growth
When we sweep conflict under the rug, hoping it will go away, we make it worse, and it can shut down the whole organization.

Assessing the conflict and level of crisis it causes is the first step. Then we can manage and channel that conflict in a constructive way, getting to the root of the problem and dealing with it.

We can bring those difficult conversations into the light and resolve underlying issues. 

Conflict coaching enables the coachee to talk about the conflict with a neutral third party and consider options for managing the conflict, then design an approach to resolve it in everyone's best interests.

Coaching for Career Advancement

Coaching for career advancement
It happens that even though someone is certain they are the best fit for that promotion they don’t get it.

 You can sit in your disappointment and stew about it, or you can take action to understand why you didn’t get it and what you need to do differently.

Sometimes it’s related to corporate culture and politics, or a specific skill set that needs to be developed. Often it’s the need to develop self-awareness and leadership skills that you simply didn’t realize were missing from your toolkit.

We can work together to identify what the issues are and how to address them with a plan of action so next time you’re the one people naturally think of.

Why work with me as your executive coach?
I dedicate myself fully to your success. Whether it’s a team or an individual, I am fully on your side. The coaching process is as confidential as you want it to be, which creates an opportunity to be a sounding board for tough issues. Your success is my success.

As founder and CEO of Tatu Digital Media I bring knowledge gained with working with a wide variety of management styles and issues, from local government agencies to hospitality, high tech startups and Fortune 50 corporations.

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