September 18, 2019

emotionally intelligent negotiation

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” –Sun Tzu

The word negotiation often implies there are a winner and a loser. If we don’t win, then we lose. But why is there a negotiation in the first place? Is the intent to co-create relationships and workable outcomes for all involved?

In a perfect world, we can look at negotiations as more than a one-off situation, but a way to build lasting relationships that are for the betterment of all. In most negotiations there is the hope of a future relationship or transaction. A realtor negotiating with another realtor in the same city knows that at some point they may meet again over another transaction right?
How do you want to be perceived at the next negotiation and the next?

Great negotiators know that leaving the table with all parties satisfied is the best-case scenario. If not completely satisfied but feeling safe, heard, recognized and respected they will come back for the next transaction as well as relate to others that you were tough yet fair.

The mindset we bring to the table is crucial. What we expect to see from the other side is what we are most likely to get, but if we come with an open mind and set our pre-suppositions aside it might be something completely different.

Join Janet for a 2-hour deep-dive workshop on emotionally intelligent negotiation. Learn emotional intelligence skills to:

  • Build rapport at the bargaining table
  • Have better self-regulation
  • Be prepared to respond, not react
  • Reduce stress on both sides with clear communication
  • Pick up non-verbal cues more quickly
  • Resolve disputes with skill
  • Handle interpersonal engagement with grace
  • Build referrals and lasting relationships

This workshop will be held in Downtown San Jose at 18 S Second St.October 14, 10 AM- 12 PM PT.

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