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Crowdsourcing #SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet

April 4, 2010

SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweetCrowd sourcing is just an amazing way to get things done. When you can tap into the consciousness of hundreds or thousands of people at a time through social media remarkable things can happen. Send out the call and you can raise money in a disaster , true, but it’s not only money. People create websites, iPhone apps and resources that you didn’t even imagine and without you even asking for them. All because you asked the crowd for help, advice or expertise. You never know where it’s going to come from either. It could be a friend of a friend’s friend who saw a post on a network you never even heard of. This is truly the power of social media at work.

On a much smaller scale it can help you write a book. That’s how #SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet came to be. The publisher of my first book, Social Media Success! Mitchell Levy suggested I write a book of Twitter-length quotes about social media. I happen to be speaking at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta in April so I decided to see if we could pull something together in time for the event. I sent an email to Beth Kanter who agreed to help and I wrote a blog post asking for help to write a book for nonprofits about social media. I tweeted several of the top nonprofit and social media folks I knew and asked them to help by sharing their own tips and help spread the word too. Then it took off like wildfire. Geoff Livingston stepped up to write the foreword. In just a week I got several hundred quotes, all in 140 characters or less from over 30 different sources. After we weeded out the self promotions and the duplicates we had 140 quotes from 28 individuals and some really great tips and tricks. Beth and I did a little writing to set the stage, edited a few of the bits that are intelligilable to any but the Twitterati (Srsly we needed 2 do that evn tho we <3 to tweet!) and fine tuned a bit off it went to the publisher for copy editing. The team at Happy About had the cover laid out in three days and the copy edits took three more.

Start to finish the entire book was done in 3 weeks! Now I am not telling you this is a normal timeline. The team at Happy About wanted us to make our deadline and we all worked our butts off to get the quotes, edit them and pull it all together. What’s the secret? A good team, the power of crowd sourcing and social media combined with some powerful influencers who were interested in seeing the project move forward. Is that a social media success or what?

By the way, Beth and I are donating the proceeds from the book to the Nonprofit Technology Network and we managed to rally support from my co-hosts on the Gamechanging show on Blogtalk radio and from Tungle.me to give away books at their upcoming Nonprofit Technology Conference.

We’d like to say thank you to the contributors for this book, and we encourage you to buy a copy to help support the great work of the Nonprofit Technology Network.

Contributors to #SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet

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