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Care for Caregivers- Stories We Tell Ourselves – A Workshop

June 11, 2019

storytelling for caregivers class

We caregivers can be very, very, hard on ourselves. We tell ourselves the wildest stories and sometimes we believe them without thinking. Stories like: ”I can’t handle this”, I’m not good enough”, ” That person is just trying to make me feel bad”, and the classic “I can never do enough!”.  Maybe that’s because of stress, exhaustion, emotional overload, or lack of focus, but whatever the reason it’s not helping anyone even a little bit.

Join us for an interactive online workshop June 26, from 11:30 to 1 PM PT
to unveil the stories we are telling ourselves and how they affect us emotionally and physically.

  • Identify the stories we tell ourselves and work through a process to see if they really are true or not.
  • Work with tools to have more self-compassion and kindness for ourselves and others.
  • Write a new story, one that helps us see our own potential and build confidence and resilience.

The course is 90 minutes in length and will take place on Zoom, via video or just audio, from wherever you are. We’ll offer tips to evaluate these stories and to create a new level of understanding and inner power.

Who should take this class
All are welcome. If you’re finding yourself mired in self-criticism and frustration, you’ll get value from this course.

Registration for this class is a one-time fee of $18.50 (US) 

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About the Teachers
Cynthia Gregory, MFA, CPCC is an accomplished author and executive and writing coach. Cynthia helps clients articulate their visions, develop working strategies to help them meet creative goals, and she guides clients with a sense of accountability to the art and expression of their creative vision. Her book “Journaling as a Sacred Practice: An Art of Extreme Bravery” offers encouragement, advice, and guidance on the craft of journaling to draw out our creativity and heart.

Janet Fouts is an entrepreneur, executive and mindfulness coach, best selling author, speaker, trainer, and advocate for caregivers. Janet works with clients to build self-awareness, compassion and resilience through emotional intelligence and mindfulness training. Her latest book, “When Life Hits the Fan- A Mindful Guide to Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others” offers perspectives on mindful self-care for caregivers, even when they think there is no time.

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