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Social Media ROI- or is it ROE?

September 22, 2009

Everybody’s talking about social media ROI and how to measure it, but what are you measuring? Why do you want to? In this webinar I’m going to give you the questions to ask to define what if and how you might measure the return on investment, and more importantly, engagement.

Social Media R.O.I (or is that R.O.E.?) Thursday 9.24.09 at 12 noon PST is part of BrightTALK’s Social Media Marketing Summit. There are some great presenters and it’s amazing that BrightTALK brought all of these speakers together so you could hear them for free, so sign up now. If you are an avid Twitter user, consider watching through this Twebevent link so you can live tweet it and discuss the topic in real time with the Hashtag #brighttalkroi.

If you missed it, you can go back and view the presentations with audio right here. The keynote was from the always entertaining David Meerman Scott, and included Mark Feldman, Michael Brito, LaSandra Brill, Janice Nall and Peter Crosby among others.

Here’s the presentation for your viewing pleasure and below it are a list of links to resources mentioned in the talk. Enjoy, and please contact me with any questions, add your feedback in the comments and share with your networks!

Links from the presentation:
Share of Voice Worksheet (Download Excel)

KD Paine’s PR Measurement Blog

New Media Age – P&G to pay publishers based on online engagement

Scan Scout

Motrin Moms Incident

Domino’s Pizza incident (video)

Domino’s response (video)




Social Mention



Red Cross relief maps

Red Cross social media links

Red Cross social media handbook

BestBuy Connect

Social Media Coach

Tatu Digital Media (Web design, WordPress, E-learning)

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  1. I know, it could be kinda scary to have it become an alternate commenting channel. Attacks would be easy and hard to defend from.

  2. I know, it could be kinda scary to have it become an alternate commenting channel. Attacks would be easy and hard to defend from.

  3. Heh, some folks are calling sidewiki a malware. If you think about it, they are not wrong. When sites have a feedback mechanism, why wouldn't users use that instead of posting to sidewiki? The siteowner has no way of responding unless he creates a gmail account. Well, most siteowners don't even know they are getting feedback unless they have the google bar installed. I'm using sidewiki but I'm choosing to write good things instead of bad. If I don't have anything good to say, I'll send an email or invite the owner/business to an open debate.

    I think complaints should allow the accused to defend himself of fix the problem. Otherwise the intent is malicious and even slanderous. I understand also that some complaints fall on deaf ears. If we're not happy, we can always take our business elsewhere.


  4. Janet, it's a shame you were having voice issues on this one. You message was really good and I learned a lot. thank you for coming through no matter what.

  5. @jfouts on your twebevent your event is called brighttakROI without the “L”. The corresponding hashtag attached to the twebevent is the same. Could be confusing some people.

  6. That because I am old Retired and don't require a lot of sleep , I think Sidewiki is a great tool
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