ACAR resources – Janet Fouts

ACAR resources

These resources were mentioned in the workshop for ACAR on August 24. Feel free to share this page with anyone who is working to raise awareness of  sexual assault and domestic abuse. Please also feel free to add resources of your own or comments or questions about the workshop. I’ll get back to you ASAP!


National Network to End Domestic Violence Tech Safety

Twitter!/ClickToEmpower (Allstate)!/BreaktheCycleDV!/wcsap


Alabama Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Overcoming Sexual Assault

Crisis Center Inc

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Peace Over Violence

That’s not Cool

Futures Without Violence


WordPress Facebook Tab builder


G Plus

GPlus webinar

Coaching Center Links

The Power of Twitter in Real Time

Twitter and Search Engines

Twitter Basics – Tips, Protocol & Hashtags

Twitter Basics – Types of Messages

Twitter Basics – Finding People to Follow

Twitter Basics – Settings Page

Twitter Basics – User Name

Create a Facebook Page-Part 1

How to make someone an admin on your Facebook page

Posting your Twitter Stream on Facebook

Build a Better Facebook Group

Privacy Scan Your Facebook Settings

Creating Effective Facebook Landing Pages

Google Plus
Getting started with Google Plus Webinar

Creating Google Plus Circles

Posting on Google Plus


Build your social media strategy

Social media scheduling Pt 1

Social media scheduling pt 2