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8 Ways to a Better Facebook Group

Group HugIf you’ve decided to create one of the new Facebook groups and add your friends here are some tips to make it worthwhile for everyone.

Creating the group is easy. I’m assuming you’ve seen the video by now, but if not here’s a link and some info on creating Facebook groups. Here are some things to think about first though!

Start with a plan
What’s the focus of the group? Is it one subject or a general topic. Why should we care? You’re much more likely to have a vibrant groupif you think about this first.

Is there already a group started?
Creating a group just for the sake of owning it isn’t really the best way to get people to engage. There may already be an active group where you could add value without re-inventing the wheel.

Who would want to be in this group?
Choose members carefully. The last thing you need is a bunch of people posting how they want to leave the group. Add people who will naturally have good information and strike up a conversation.

Your group members are already your friends so you must know something about them. How can you use the group to collaborate around a topic or help them with their work? Groups are not about you.

Don’t add your whole friends list at once
Add a few, get some conversations going and then add more. This gives people a way to see the value when they’ve been subscribed instead of another list of people.

How will it benefit people to be members?
What are members going to get out of the group? Make sure it’s clear to you before you add people. Then make sure it’s clear to them when they join.

Start something
Adding a bunch of people to a group with no valuable content confuses new members and devalues the group. Make sure there is something they can talk about from the get-go…or they’ll go.

Don’t take it personally when people leave
This whole idea of adding people to groups without opting in is making a lot of people crazy. If people don’t want to be in your group it may not be personal.

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