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4 things you need to do in 2016 to be a better content marketer

January 19, 2016

CDC8HFPYWRAh yes, it’s the new year and we’re all planning to make this the year we really rock it. Your friends are signing up for “Best year ever” courses, making lists of to-dos, cleaning out closets and desk drawers and just generally getting organized, right?

These are all great ways to rev up your new year. But if you are a content marketer there is more specific housekeeping you need to do to really make the most of all that new year energy.

Make a new habit
Write down every single content idea you have for future reference. Trust me, you’ll love the ability to go back through a list of hot ideas when you have a dry spell and can’t think of a thing to write about.
I dictate ideas to Siri and have her email them to Evernote, but Wunderlist is also a great tool for this.

Konmari your website and your blogs
Oh the clutter! I’ve been blogging since the early 90’s and I confess I hang onto some posts that are outdated simply because I want to keep a chronicle of the blog intact, but some posts need to be deleted or updated as platforms and strategies change. What about those dead pages you never got around to deleting but still show up in a Google sitemap? To be honest this a work in progress for me, but I’m workin’ on it!

Clean up your subscriber lists
Take the time to go through your email lists and clean up the bounced email addresses. Do you need to consolidate your segmented or even eliminate some that are outdated?

Start using an editorial calendar
Editorial calendars don’t have to be constricting. They can be a font for ideas, and if you collaborate with a team it can really keep the overall voice and flow of content consistent. There are a lot of editorial calendar options available, from a plain old excel or Google spreadsheet to this one from Buffer, or more advanced tools like CoSchedule which offers integration with tools like Evernote, WordPress and even a browser add on so you can curate content as you read it.

What are you doing to make this really your best year ever? Add them in the comments and share with us!

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