What's your social media rank?

It seemed like everybody was posting their Twitterank on Twitter this week, yet the latest in a slew of ego baiting gambits currently out there. People seems so anxious to find some kind of metric they’re willing to give up personal information to any site that asks just to get a tiny bit of validation back.

It used to be that the numbers came from Technorati rankings or Diggs, but there are a slew of new ranking toys out there to play with. Some, like How Web 2.0 are you? are clearly tongue in cheek, but I’ve had even their ranking numbers quoted to me in marketing meetings. Twitter Grader, and it’s sister sites Website Grader and Press Release Grader, twInfluence, egoSurf, twInfluence, and my current favoirite Typealyzer.com (MBTI for your blog) are all just for fun. These are not metrics you can base your reputation on.

Make sure you play safe out there. Make it a practice to change your password often, and immediately after using a site you have to give that information up to. Twitterrank may not have had anything nasty up their sleeves, but it’s only a matter of time.