What's Your Social Media Quotient?

As 2009 gets rolling it’s a good time to take stock of your online position and see if it’s up to date or not. Social media should be in your toolkit, but in what form? How do you find what networks and social media sites are a good fit for you and how do you get started?

If you already participate in social media, what’s your visibility? Are you on the right networks for you and talking to the right people?

Take advantage of my New Year’s offer for a free evaluation of your social media presence. I’ll take a look at where you and your company are being talked about (or not), show you ways you can enhance your social media participation and visibility, and give you some tips to communicate more effectively through social media in 2009.

This is more than just a summary of stats pulled from the various metric tools. I will personally evaluate each company’s presence and make recommendations based on individual needs, markets and abilities to help you create new conversations in 2009.

This offer is limited to just 5 people and only in the month of January. Email me now and let’s get to work.

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