What's wrong with Twitter?

Twitter is definitely going through some growing pains lately.

First they capped off the API to slow down some of the services that were sapping the bandwidth of the site.

There were a lot of slowing and Fail Whale sightings last week and according to the blog they’re addressing these issues this week  too.

The Twitter Worms started propagating, Tweets went missing or got mixed up with other user’s tweets.

Fake Twitter popped up allowing anybody to put words in a Twitter user’s mouth. Funny as a prank, but in the end these things end up taken out of context when they’re found by the search engines. Danny Brown did a very thorough investigation on who was behind the Fake-Twitter site, and wonders if Twitter is so busy putting out fires right now they don’t have time tow watch their own brand.

Users are showing an amazing amount of patience at the moment, but remember when there was an exodus to other micro-blogs like Plurk? We’re a fickle bunch we tweeters, are we going to stay true through this or bail again until they get it under control?

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