What does a latte have to do with a blue key?

Give up your coffee, save a lifeFor the price of a grande extra-foam half-caf non-fat hazelnut latte you could change lives. Really. Five bucks can help the UNHCR support refugees around the world. You think they get lattes in a refugee camp? Nope, but there are places you could feed a person for a day or two on what you spend on designer coffee every morning.

The Blue Key Community is a growing contingent of Americans to support over 6,000 UNHCR staffers working with refugees around the world to find them shelter, food and the care they need to survive and have hope for a brighter future.

  • Quick Facts:43.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide
  • 26 million refugees and internally displaced people receive help from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • 17 million refugee and internally displaced children under the age of 18
  • 5 million Afghani refugees returned home since 2002 with UNHCR assistance
  • 6,000+ UNHCR staff open doors daily for these refugees
  • In 128 countries

Watch this video about the refugee crisis in Tunisia.

How can you help?
Start by getting your own Blue Key. Then share with your friends on Facebook, donate a tweet a day, (tweet your own darn self too!) blog about it, follow them UN Refugee Agency on Twitter become a Blue Key Champion and help spread the word!

Read the book online to learn more about the issue, read real stories in the letters of refugees around the planet, and help raise awareness in your own network.