What do your Tweets say about you?

Leave it to Dan Zarella to come up with a new way to analyze your Twitter stream. His research reports on social media and viral content are enlightening, and the tools he’s produced for Twitter and link attraction are just awesome.

TweetPsych uses two different analysis algorithms–Regressive Imagery Dictionary and Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) to create a psychological profile for you based on your last 1,000 tweets. Type in a username and TweetPsyche comes back with a profile of cognitive, primordial, conceptual and emotional content of your Tweets.

Granted, if you re-tweet a lot, your profile might get mixed up with those of the people you re-tweet, but then again if the Tweets you re-tweet resonated with you in the first place it’s probably pretty close.The other issue may be how you shorten your Tweets. For example if you tend to abbreviate particular phrases they may not be interprested correctly.

I’d love to see how a tool like this would work on blogs, which tend to be more thoughtful than the stream of conciousness posts people typically post to Twitter.

At the very least it gives food for thought as to the contents of the tweets you’re sending out into the universe and how you may be perceived by others.

If you’re interested in the linguistic algorithms used, Dan’s blog is a good place to start.

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