Using social media for change

On October 15, 2008 a global conversation will take place. Thousands of bloggers around the world will make their own personal statement about poverty and begin the conversation about how we can change world poverty. We’ll talk about the problem and share inspiring ideas to help stop poverty around the globe as part of Blog Action Day.

You can help. If you’re a blogger, sign up to participate in the event. Spread the word about it and start thinking about the conversation you want to have with your readers. Register your blog for Blog Action Day so your efforts will be recorded along with all the rest of us to show how a global conversation like this can touch the hearts and minds of the world. Here’s a great example of using social media for good!

Looking for inspiration? Here are some links to get you started.
Our Day to End Poverty
End Poverty by 2015 contest
The World Bank’s PovertyNet
Making Poverty History

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