Twitter Visualization Done Right

VH1 Critics Choice Movie Awards :: 01/15/10 :: Tweet Tracker

Stamen Design is a boutique design firms in San Francisco that consistently leads the pack with innovative displays of data. I’ve admired their work for many years and they’re famous for creating unique ways to view live data as it happens–like the groundbreaking coverage of the Whitbread Cup way back in the ’90s when founder and creative director Eric Rodenbeck was at Quokka Sports. The team brought real time images of the race from the sailors point of view. The visuals were stunning and gave users a real-time perspective with maps, tracking graphics and images.

It figures they would be one of the first to come up with a creative way to show the data pulled from social media listening tool Radian6 for Friday’s VH1’s Critic’s Choice Movie Awards to display the Tweet stream of celebrities in real time in a gorgeous display complete with a timeline so you can browse the data from different points in time. Sure, it’s a small scale project compared to the Olympics and the America’s cup, but it’s not about that. It’s about showing data in digestible and entertaining formats.

Who else is doing design like this? I’d love to see more.