Twitter Tells Tales on it’s Users

Twitter Tales
Twitter announced today a new feature called “Twitter Tales“. The idea is to feature the stories of users and how Twitter has impacted their lives. The first story is about Natasha Badhwar (@natashabadhwar ) from New Delhi, who writes micro-poetry and stories that inspire and entertain as well as fragments of insight into her life as a mom, film-maker and self-confessed multi-tasker. Natasha uses Twitter as a place of expression and Since I’m a big fan of The Blogess on her blog and on Twitter and her blog, I was tickled to see the first humor post is about her. Another story is about the joys of commuting on Caltrain and tweeting the experience.

It may sound mundane but I think it’s a good example of how a site like Twitter impacts everyday lives in unexpected ways. Browse Twitter Tales and see if it strikes a chord for you. Who knows, maybe your story could be up next! Just email and tell your story.

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