Twitter-smart entrepreneurs or spammers?

pizzakid I just love the fact that you can track a Korean BBQ truck, a gourmet ice cream truck and even a Sprinkles cupcake-mobile on Twitter. You can get discounts on pizza, cupcakes, hear about the latest trend in donuts and a whole lot more.

OK, but why do I think it’s cool? Because these businesses are getting into my favorite way of communicating. Because I can say they’re innovative, cutting edge, smart. Because they see the value of one of my favorite sites and that indirectly makes me cool (sorta).

On the other hand, I hear discussions everyday about the commercialization of Twitter and how horrible it is to see ads popping up everywhere. We call them spammers. But not Naked Pizza, we call them forward thinking.

So, my question to you is this. Right now we praise entrepreneurial companies like this. Smart people who saw the promise of social media and acted on it. But when there are thousands of them wanting to be part of your network, when you get RFID targeted DM‘s of coupons based on your phone’s physical location, will you still think they’re cool?

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