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I use Twitter a lot and it generally works just fine for short conversations, sending links etc, but sometimes I want to just pick up the phone and call the person to talk about something a little more in depth. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just send a quick tweet and hear the other person’s voice?

You can. A new service called Phweet (yes it’s cute and oh so Web 2.0) lets you send your Twitter friend a reply or a direct message to join you on a VOIP call. You can even have a group Phweet.

Using Phweet is easy. Login to Phweet sing your Twitter username and password, then send the friend you want to talk to a reply (@yourfriendsname) or, if you prefer privacy, a direct message. Your friend will get a link to click on that takes them to the Phweet page and a button to click on to join or reject your call. Phweet uses a Flash widget powered by Tringme to manage the call.

It really is just that simple. You can use your built-in speakers and microphone, a webcam (there will be no video) or you can pay to have Phweet actually ring your landline or cell phone number.Once your friend joins the conversation you can add others and so can they, so you can really extend the conversation.

That’s the first call. After that you may want to use some of the more advanced features. You can install a Greasemonkey extension in Firefox and the Phweet icon will show in your Firefox Twitter stream, making it even easier to talk through Phweet.

Maybe you want to have an open discussion? Send an “undirected Phweet” to Twitter, requesting people join you. The call remains open and anyone who clicks on the link can join in until you end the call. Start your own Phweetup!

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I will try this. I suppose it’s like using skype but within the follow follower context.

Janet Fouts

I confess I’ve only used Skype a couple of times but it is basically the same, with the addition of being able to call people directly from Twitter. Nice way to extend an ongoing discussion. If you want to try it out sometime, call me http;//

Stuart Henshall

Hi Janet,
Thanks for sharing your Phweet experience and exploring what it can do. Let us know what we can do to improve the service.


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