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Twitter to Offer Deals with Earlybird

I’m a big fan of group coupon networks, deals and discounts offered through Twitter. In these times what’s not to love about buying a coupon for a dinner at 40 or 50% of it’s market value? It’s a win for the vendor too because they get new faces in the door and most times we spend more than the coupon. Sometimes I even forget I bought it and the money I spent stays in the pocket of the vendor.

The most popular of these sites seems to be Groupon, and I recommend it to my clients for their small businesses. Hey, if I’m the demographic they’re looking for then they should be using Groupon or one of the other discount sites too. In fact, Groupon raised over $175 million in funding. I guess the investors are buying it too! They’re not alone of course. You don’t have to surf social media networks for very long to run into another ad for a coupon site offering “GREAT DEALS” and “HUGE DISCOUNTS” and there are plenty of them vying for attention on Twitter already. It’s the hottest meme out there right now.

Does it work? Sure it does. You only have to look at the huge successes of Dell, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines and Woot to see how offering deals on Twitter can attract a big audience and their money too.

Twitter is getting into the game and offering discounts tweeted through an account called @Earlybird. Earlybird will tweet out local deals through it’s Twitter feed. It’s pretty easy to assume it’s going to be popular. With only two tweets on the site (one of them says “Send “follow earlybird” to 40404 to receive each deal via SMS. A head start never hurts.“) the account is followed as of this writing by 23,667 people and is on 931 Twitter lists.

So are they too late to the show? Uh no. Twitter owns the show. Besides, as an effort to monetize, this is an awesome answer. If I don’t want to see the tweets from @EarlyBird I don’t have to listen, but it offers their advertisers a way to access the huge market with localized ads that are welcomed instead of dissed. WAY better than the dreaded “promoted tweets” idea.

Basically I’m all for it as long as the powers that be don’t decide to block other sites from continuing their special offers too. I love Twitter and I’m happy to support it and save a buck or two on dinner at the same time!

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