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Twitter Client Battle

I ‘ve been through quite a few Twitter clients of late and I’m starting to settle on my favorite for the desktop at least. You may remember my review of Destroy Twitter and the glowing review of Nambu, the Mac Twitter client? Well that glow waned pretty fast and not for lack of trying.


For whatever reason Nambu simply draaaaags on my machine and I end up watching the multi-color beach ball of doom more times than I like to see (that would be none). The interface is a little bare for a Mac client, but that’s OK if it works smoothly. I’m not sure if it has to do with the number of messages or the app itself, but it’s kind of irrelevant at this point. Unfortunately I just don’t have the patience to stick it out. Maybe it will get better in the next iterations.

So now I’m down to two favorites. Both are Adobe Air apps which makes them cross platform and easy to install.

Seesmic Desktop

As soon as I saw Seesmic‘s shiny new desktop I gave up Nambu. The only things I miss are the link list, (you can scan all the links you’ve received or sent) and the notes indicating how many messages were in the lists in the left-hand nav.

Seesmic recently introduced a host of new features and the app is iterating at a mad rate. Loic Le Meur presented at the Inbound Media Summit and was very frank about the development process at Seesmic. Get the thing launched, be prepared for a lot of feedback, listen and respond to your users as best as possible. Repeat.

How can you not support a team like this huh? Every release adds new features. Most recently:

  • Facebook Integration
  • Following and Un following Twitter users
  • Ability to “Favorite” tweets and “Like” Facebook posts
  • Clearing the timeline from a “USERLIST” with the “CLEAR” button
  • Validation messages (url validation for short url, credential validation to share images)

Seesmic Desktop - jfouts@twitter


My long standing (what is history with Twitter?) best buddy Tweetdeck also takes the input of users into account. They use UserVoice to gather feedback and users vote on the next features. Tweetdeck is also iterating fast, and they recently updated with nifty features like in-line viewing of Twitpics and short URLs, the ability to record videos directly into and view and update Facebook statuses.


So which is best? pretty hard to say. If you’re on a small monitor like a netbook or a 12 inch screen then Seesmic has an advantage. You can cut the number of columns down to one and then use the left hand navigation to move through your groups. My vote for add-ons are for getting that list of links and the number of messages in each group from Nambu.

On the other hand I generally keep my Twitter client open in it’s own monitor all day. (yes I’m an addict) so it doesn’t really bug me that Tweetdeck takes up more space, and it still seems the easiest to use. It’s a tad bit faster than Seesmic, and it’s easier to quickly scan the columns.

For the moment I’m switching back and forth. How about you?

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Ryan Eliason

Thanks Janet! I will be giving Tweetdeck a try based on reading your post. You are my social media guru and I love having your support. You’re helping me take my coaching business to the next level!

Ryan Eliason

Janet- Can you Q up a bunch of tweets and set them to automatically post over a period of time with either of these apps? If not, do you recommend another app for that?


Hi Ryan, I’m glad it’s been helpful! I recommend using something like Tweetlater or Hootsuite for scheduling Tweets when you have to, though I don’t advise doing it over the long term. You might miss some opportunities to engage if you’re not watching for responses to your tweets.

Ryan Eliason

Thanks again Janet. I’m not using Tweetlater for scheduling tweets but I am now using it to send an automatic welcome message when someone follows me. I also tried both Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop. I like Seesmic better, although it seems to take up a lot of my CPU which is a bummer because I’d like to have it open more often.


Hi Ryan,
I think you’ll find that most people ignore or are annoyed by automatic messages to thank them for following, especially if there’s an offer for something in them. In fact some people have an automatic un-follow reflex if they get one! Here’s a post that explains this pretty well.


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