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Larry King ( @kingsthings ) is on Twitter and we have Ashton Kutchner (@aplusk )to thank for it. In this UStream video they have a chat about Twitter and how it’s changing journalism and the “apparent end of the newspaper”. How many households around the world are having just this conversation? Ashton explains just like any other young kid teaching his granddad. Amusing. Cute even.

Live video chat by Ustream

Of course this is the biggest “conversation” on Twitter these days. Last week Oprah got a similar tutorial from @aplusk and @Ev. Ashton’s wife Demi Moore is on Twitter as @MrsKutcher and even called the police when one of her followers threatened suicide.

Some think the influx of celebrities on Twitter will ruin our fun and others think it will make it even more timely. Frankly Scarlett….

Nobody can make you follow these celebrities. If you have a problem with them just don’t listen. Just like some of the early adopters like Scoble, Tony Hsieh and Laporte they can participate with the rest of us. To be fair to @aplusk he actually does believe in Twitter and he posts a lot (if not all) of the posts himself. what’s wrong with that? Celebrities can do a lot with a medium like this.

We loved it when MC Hammer and Shaq signed on. Everybody was thrilled to see how Obama used it in his campaign even though he doesn’t really post himself. Nobody complains that CNN’s Rick Sanchez tweets from the newsroom or puts his Twitter stream on the screen under the broadcast. Look at @realhughjackman who pledged $100,000 to a charity if a compelling pitch is delivered in 140 characters or less on Twitter.

Here’s how I see it, feel free to argue. Twitter is an amazing resource and I don’t want to do without it. I can see why any brand -be they corporate entities like  Ford, Dell and  Southwest Air or celebrity brands like Britney Spears, Lance Armstrong and yes, even Oprah-would want to get on board.

I hope they actually use it to communicate rather than broadcast, but if they don’t so what?

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