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Tweetworks-Get your Tweets in a Thread

November 9, 2008

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You say you want your Tweets threaded?

Tweetworks displays your Tweets (Twitter posts) in a threaded format and it allows you to make public, group or private group Tweets, all from the same interface.

How? Simple. You log into Tweetworks and make a post. You are given the option to pass the post on to Twitter or post to your Tweetworks group, either public or private. Tweetworks can even shorten those long URLs right there in the posting window. When your post goes onto Twitter a link is appended so any replies to that Tweet can come back to Tweetworks as a threaded conversation.

Want to talk about a project? Got a club or team at work that needs to stay focused? Create a group in Tweetworks and invite your followers to join you by clicking a link in the sidebar of your group. Love what somebody posted to your group or discussion? Give them some luv by clicking “Bingo” and give them the credit they deserve. You can even delete posts that are inappropriate from the threaded discussion if you need to.

Keep up on what’s happening with features, events and other developments in the group Tweetworks140. You can also follow Tweetworks on Twitter.

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  • I’ve shared it with quite a few people and I think the grouping and threading are awesome additions to Twitter. Thank you!

  • Janet,

    Thank you very much for this write up. I am happy to hear you are enjoying Tweetworks. Please let me know what we can do to enhance your experience.



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