TweetEffect – watching your followers

There are already quite a few apps that tell you when people follow and un-follow you. Qwitter is one of the most popular. But Qwitter doesn’t show you the numbers or tell you what posts gained you new followers. Enter TweetEffect. Enter your username (or somebody else’s) and get back a report on your most recent tweets and the attrition rate for each.

What use is this? Well, Qwitter drove me mad because people would un-follow me for seemingly inconsequential posts. I don’t talk about nonsense a lot (you be the judge) on Twitter, but I do post on a broad range of topics because my following is pretty varied. What interested me about the report from TweetEffect was to see that I just about break even. If I post about virtualisation and cloud computing I lose a few and gain a few. If I post about e-learning I seem to gain more than I lose. Anything about new Apps usually expands my network as well.

So, what does that all mean? After looking over my tweets I can see that I’m not doing too bad. I’ve got a pretty good balance of life/work going on, talking to my network and their various areas of interest, and overall seem to be holding their interest. If I was seeing a lot of drop-of from one topic or the other I may think about catering more closely to the network or decide I just don’t care.
It depends on how important it is to my part of the conversation. Maybe people just don’t realize yet. or, maybe they do…

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Gerald Weber

The Tweet effect seems pretty cool. I'm going to check it out. THanks.


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