Tungle Mozeys Off Into the Sunset

Tungle Rides of into the sunsetAs you probably know already I’ve been a big fan of Tungle.me for online scheduling for quite some time. I even did a bit of outreach and evangelizing for them once in a while. So it makes me a little sad to see that after Tungle.me was acquired by RIM they poured their talents into making the Blackberry Playbook Calendar app and now the core Tungle product is being sunsetted as of Dec 3, 2012. Booooo.

I really love the ability for people to see the  time slots in my schedule I choose to make available and create appointments without all the back and forth of shuffling times and a flurry of emails and phone calls. So I went looking for alternatives.

Enter vcita. At the bottom right corner of my blog and Tatu Digital Media’s site as well is a little popup window allowing you to schedule time with me by phone, through their proprietary video conferencing or face to face with a couple of clicks. Cool huh?

I have to say the proactive contact form is a big hit and I’ve seen an increase of almost 40% in referrals from my websites through vcita. Interesting too is that I’ve had a few people schedule paid time slots through the tool for social media coaching, and the client pays through vcita’s payment system, easy as pie. Music to any coach’s ear right? I can do live coaching via video or set up a screen sharing session or conference call with a team in a snap.

So far  I haven’t used all the bells and whistles but I’m very happy with the process, the alerts and how easy it is for people to use. Visit their website and join for free, incorporate it into your website and then let me know what you think!

Think vcita isn’t what you’re looking for? There are a few other options.

Fasterplan is pretty darn cool if you are planning events with multiple attendees. In fact it reminds me more than a bit of the early days of Tungle crossed with a wiki. Create an event, send invitations, add a calendar and collaborate on how everybody participates. It looks like a pretty cool ad hoc party tool. Check out their blog for deets.

Doodle is another scheduling tool that’s been around for a while. I’ve used it on and off quite a few times and it’s super simple, and very easy to arrange meetings of individuals in different time zones too. You can schedule events or individual meetings in a snap. It doesn’t have the customization that vcita has, but it all depends on what you need.

When is good does exactly what you think it does. It helps you plan an event or schedule a meeting quickly with one or multiple participants. Like Tungle it has full time-zone support and syncs with your existing calendar. The premium level is 5 pounds per year (practically free) so it’s a good value if you need something simple.

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  • Updated September 25, 2012
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