Tracking Your Brand Online

Keeping up with your brand and how it’s seen online and what people are saying about it negative or positive is a full time job, and a lot of companies are really quite oblivious of their online brand. So let’s say you’ve suddenly realized that you need to keep track of your online reputation, where are you gonna get it?

Several tools are available to alert you whenever your brand, product or name is mentioned, and you can also use it to track competitors or those rising stars you’ve been watching.Twitter Alerts -

Tweetbeep allows you to save multiple alerts for a keyword, phrase or domain name and can be filtered by distance from a location, particular user names and whether or not a URL is in the post.

The Search Monitor :: Monitor Paid Search, Blogs, News, and Web Sites

The Search Monitor offers a more complex search all wrapped up in a spiffy interface for those reports you’re been needing to write. Site monitor keeps an eye on your paid search keywords as well as those of your competitors and creates a number of reports for affiliate compliance, brand buzz, ad copy, trademark use, and market share and delivers them in a clean interface to view all at once or in email alerts to keep you on top of things. All this doesn’t come for free of course, and the Search Monitor starts at $99/month.

Social Mention Social Mention uses Yahoo’s BOSS platform to search a variety of social media platforms. Search on your brand name or a topic and filter the results by selecting blogs, micro blogs, bookmark sites, comments, news, images or videos. To keep on top of what’s hot you can browse “Hot Conversations” to find the latest topics.

BuzzLogic: Conversation Ad Targeting2122 - Find the Influencers in Social Media and Blogs with BuzzLogic BuzzLogic tracks conversations in social media and helps identify the key influencers talking about your brand or your product space. Their Insights reporting tools give you a dashboard full of information about who’s saying what and where those conversations are taking place. Create a Watch list of your favorite influencers, view social maps of who is participating in the discussion and set up profiles for bloggers you want to track. BuzzLogic also offers ad targeting programs to deliver your ads to the conversations you want to be in on.Online Reputation Monitoring | Online Media Monitoring Service |

Trackur keeps track of the keywords you’re most interested in, whether they are on blogs, web sites, videos or even as images so you can keep track of how your logo is being used online. The filters allow you to quickly hone results down to just what you want to see. Alerts can be delivered by RSS feed or email and your searches can be exported as a CSV for saving, sorting or creating reports. You can also bookmark results to go back to at a later date. Trackur is an inexpensive alternative, starting at $18/month.

Do you know of more tools like this or have experience with these? Post in the comments and let us know what you think.