There’s No Privacy on Facebook?? Who Knew?

Every time Facebook makes changes to their privacy statements or policies people get really irate. I mean REALLY irate, like in this video clip. First there’s the people that are appalled that Facebook would have the nerve to share their private information. (Ahem. You gave it to ’em, how else are they supposed to make money?)

There there are the folks who are appalled that people could be so amazingly stupid to think their information was “just between friends” in the first place.

Finally there are the marketers who get really excited about all that lovely data about to be theirs so they can market to you right where you live. Odds are good they won’t even have to pay that much to get it either. Deleting your account still leaves the information out there on the pages or groups you posted on, your friends’ walls etc.

This post from my friend @PeterCampbell pretty much sums it up. Go read it and tell us what you think.

Here’s what I think
The internet is not a private place. Simple as that. If you don’t want your information shared with the world then don’t put it out there. Facebook is a business and they will use whatever they have at hand to keep growing and make money. So would you if it was your business. Does that make their new changes acceptable? Certainly not. Why? Because they portrayed it as a safe haven and now they’ve switched gears when the majority of their users weren’t looking.

Who knew?
I’m a geek. I live and breathe this stuff for my clients..and… well. because I’m a geek. You’re probably one too. You read blogs like this to stay on top of changes. You probably don’t share things on the internet you don’t want to be public. You’ve probably know this for a long time.

But what about the people who are casual users of sites like Facebook and innocently posted family information or private thoughts on their Facebook pages? They may not be so savvy. So do us all a favor. Share Peter’s post with those people. Share the link to the video below. Help get the word out that if you want something private don’t say it on the internet.