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The NOW Revolution-not just another book about social media

Authors Jay Baer and Amber Naslund sent me a copy of their new book The Now Revolution for review, and although I expected a lot from these two they delivered. The book is a smart and well written guide to how businesses can change the way they think about work and customers and get rid of the old kludgy practices that are holding them back.

The book is full of practical advice on how to move your business forward, even if not everybody is fully on board or comfortable with this new way of working. Here’s a note on creating a team that thinks forward.

When possible, try to pair self-starters on teams with more reluctant, skeptical or less confident employees to see if the motivated members can help instill and nurture this quality in others.

The chapter on hiring goes on to discuss the characteristics of the great employee of today and how to foster these attitudes in existing staff. They dive into some of the tough questions around social media like”Who owns this stuff?” and the need to establish social media guidelines and roles for the players so it’s easier to get everybody on board and knowing what they should be doing.

There’s a section on listening tools and building a listening dashboard too. I love this quote about free social listening tools.

Like malt liquor, the advantage of free tools is obviously the low cost. They’re easy, cheap and do a satisfactory job in many circumstances.

As you know, I’m a big fan of free listening tools and creating a dashboard for your business. They walk you through the basics to set up a listening dashboard with free tools and some elbow grease and then candidly outline the differences between the paid resources and why they might be the better answer in some cases.

the Now Revolution

Go ahead, take a picture of the code and see where it takes you!

Something unique–and I predict the wave of the future–is their use of QR codes throughout the book. Simply download the Microsoft tags application for your phone, take a picture of the tags and you’ll be automagically transported to a web page, video or resource for more information. Freaking brilliant! I’m stealing the idea for my next book. Though I don’t really love the Microsoft tags as much as standard QR codes, that’s a matter of choice.

All in all? The Now Revolution is an absolute must read for anybody in business. It’s applicable to all levels of business large or small, middle manager, line employee or CXO. While you’re at it, if you’re on Twitter and you’re not following these two, go do it now. There’s a lot to learn from both of ’em. @AmberCadabra and @JayBaer There’s a page for the book on Facebook as well.

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Thanks so much for the terrific review Janet! On the Microsoft Tags, we chose that format because you can change the URL that the Tags go to. So, we can keep the content up-to-date forever!

Janet Fouts

Ahhh, that makes sense. Including the QR codes is a really awesome way to interact with your readers. Everybody should follow your lead.

Amber Naslund

Thanks a million for this, Janet. Really appreciate the kind words and specific examples of what worked for you. Thanks for being part of the feedback loop for us!



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