TeleClass – Social Media and Blogging

Are you thinking about blogging but don’t know where to start? Maybe you are already blogging but you need some tips on blogging and social media in general to take your blog to the next level? Then this next teleclass is for you. I’ll be talking to my favorite blogging coach, Michael Martine, of Remarkablogger about social media, blogging and yes, even Twitter.

This is beyond listening to us drone on about the glories of social media. It’s an opportunity to get your questions about social media answered from two pros in the business and get real actionable information. Do you want to understand how to set up a plan to blog effectively? How to integrate Twitter and your blog? What plug-ins can help you work more efficiently? How to build traffic to your blog and get the search engines to give you the time of day?

The class was awesome! Download MP3 to replay it.

Michael and I would love to hear your feedback so we can make these classes even better in the future. Tell us what you thought.

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Hey Janet, I love your classes but I can't make this one. Will it be recorded?

Easton Ellsworth

I'll try to make it Janet! Any time management tips would be most appreciated.


Hope you do Easton, we'll open up for questions often, get yours ready…

Yes we'll talk about scheduling and efficiency. It's on everybody's mind when they talk about social media strategy these days. We can't ALL spend all day on Twitter and blogging and, and, and. People need time to run their business too!


I'll send you a link to the class page so you can add questions if you want, and I will post a link to the download page here when it's ready. Sorry you can't make it, we'll miss you!


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