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Social Media Efficiency for Nonprofits

May 8, 2012

I talk to nonprofits about various aspects of social media just about every day. By and large people get the value of building community around their cause. They get the relatively manageable expense of leveraging social media to raise visibility for their nonprofit, find funders, advocates, and  volunteers when compared to more traditional marketing channels. […]

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Nonprofit Webinar Series – Social Fundraising

June 14, 2011

Whether you work with a grass roots organization or a humongous nonproft you know that social media can be an effective way to make your message more visible out there in the world. But just posting a video, creating a Twitter account or a Facebook page will not bring droves to sit at your feet […]

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Web conferencing and sharing software

September 11, 2008

Lately I’m getting even more remote clients than usual and sometimes you just have to demonstrate a product or design remotely because the team may be far-flung. So I started looking for Mac – friendly screen-sharing programs, whiteboards and presentation tools. It was quite the adventure as some of my clients can now attest, but […]

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Getting the Most From Social Media

August 30, 2008

Having trouble communicating? Communicating with your customer base online through social media seems like a slam-dunk, but it’s a lot more than just “pushing content at them and hoping they’ll be interested. Without a strategy, you could be missing an opportunity to really engage your audience and create a lasting relationship. Take part in the […]

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