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Social Media Tips and Tricks

WordPress SEO and Plug-ins

March 20, 2009

One of the major reasons to use WordPress is SEO, and lots of other people have added to my knowledge base over the years. Remarkablogger put out some really awesome  tutorials a while back and I learned a lot from him as well as many others. Rather than keep all that SEO goodness to myself […]

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Social media – pass it on

October 4, 2008

One of the wonders of social media is the way a message travels through the many networks. Depending on the message sometimes it mutates into a whole new discussion, or sometimes it stays pure and focused, but if the topic is at all interesting, it’s going to start discussion somewhere. So, what’s the point? Not […]

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Webinar Re-cap – How to Make Social Media Work for You

September 11, 2008

09.10.08 Thank you everybody for tuning in to the webinar, as promised you’ll find links discussed in the webinar below as well as a few that we didn’t get time to talk about. Please give me your feedback on the presentation and share your ideas for future webinars here. Click on the video to view […]

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