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14 step bare-bones guide to influencer outreach

October 29, 2012

Lots of people will tell you  “Social Media Influencers” are the key to social media marketing but what does that really mean? Is influence based on number of connections? Klout, Peer Index or Kred score? A combination of all of the above? How do you identify them and what do you do with that information once you […]

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Don’t Squander Your Social Capital

October 4, 2010

Social capital is one of the new buzz words of the decade. Basically it’s a ratio of the size of your network and how much of that network listens to you, trusts you and takes action based on what they’ve read. How much Klout you have is one way to measure it. Tara Hunt calls […]

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What's your twInfluence?

November 7, 2008

Twinfluence is one of the newer Twitter apps out to help you gauge the value of your Twitter presence. The app measures the combined value of your followers and shows you some analytics you might not easily find about your network like the extended reach of your audience through the people who follow you. For […]

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