SXSW Panel Voting Has Begun

SXSW.comSXSWi was a huge focus for social media people of all kinds last year and I attended virtually over Twitter and live blogs. That is SO not gonna happen again. There are over 2000 presentations and panels proposed and so many I want to hear I’m like a kid in a candy store trying to decide who to vote for. Fortunately Jennifer Leggio pared the list down a bit, (thanks for putting me on your list!) and there are several more that really sounded amazing. As I find panels I like I’ll be tweeting them out to vote on, so keep an eye on my Twitter stream for discoveries!

You can see the full list and vote for your favorite SXSW panels yourself.
This is the first year I’ve submitted a presentation for SXSW, and I ended up posting two ideas with quite different focuses.

I’d love it if you’d help me get these panels voted in and add your comments to help me fine tune what people want to hear about!

Taming the Social Media Monster for Your Clients
Let’s face it, the first obstacle for an effective social media campaign is overcoming the fear and the naysayers within your client’s company. Not everybody lives and breathes this stuff, and it’s easy to forget that you had to learn how to interact effectively too. Inform and empower your clients so they understand the goals and the resources they have so they can be comfortable and effectively engage. We’ll talk about techniques to overcome hurdles, clear up mis-information and build enthusiasm!

Effective Strategies for Social Media Engagement
There is a rumor going around that social media engagement takes too much time and sucks up all of the resources of the team. Not so grasshopper! You just need to get a good solid strategy and a plan so you can engage efficiently and effectively without wasting valuable time.