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SXSW and NTC- Got your conference plan yet?

I’ve got two large conferences coming up in the next two months and I’m busy planning so I can get the most out of these opportunities possible.

The first conferences is South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi)and although I’m not speaking at this one I’m still very excited about being there. Why? Are you kidding? This is one of the hottest conferences for Film, Music and Interactive media around.. Even though I am attending mostly the interactive portion of the event it’s an amazing opportunity to learn about the film and music industry and get to know a lot of my interactive and social media friends at the same time..

The parties at this thing are legendary, but honestly (really) I’m not much of a party animal so a lot of my events entail actually going to the panels, coffee, dinner and good wine, or a glass of fine single malt with friends and conversation.

The second conference is the Nonprofit Technology Conference put on by NTEN. This is my second year presenting at this one and I’m really excited. I can’t quite explain the energy you get from being surrounded by over 1,000 people engaged in non-profits of every stripe, but I guess I’d sum it up as inspiring. The stories you hear from these people are passionate and engaged and everything a good community demands. You leave feeling like the most important thing you can do is work for social good and that’s something that is deeply important for me as an individual and for my businesses.

Besides speaking I’ll be participating in the Day of Service program, and if you are going and haven’t signed up yet get your butt over there now and see how you can help. Even if you don’t have technical expertise to lend there is definitely something you can do by volunteering a few hours to help a non-profit organization.

So, what’s my agenda for both conferences?

Promote the Social Media Coaching Center to consultants and companies who don’t have time or resources to train all of their clients/staff on the applications and skills they need to know to effectively execute their social media strategies.

Learn, learn and learn some more. This is what I do for fun. Expect posts and videos to follow on the Coaching Center as well as this blog.

Meet people who can hire me as a social media coach, need implementation like WordPress installs, product demos, web sites or in-house training on social media apps or are looking for a speaker for their own conferences or workshops.

Promote both of my books. Social Media Success! and the very soon to be released Social Media for Nonprofits that Beth Kanter and I pulled together just in time for NTC by crowd sourcing ideas with people who work in nonprofits and social media.

I plan to focus more on listening than talking and helping than selling. If you’re going to be there let’s connect. Email me at janet @, ping me on Twitter @JFouts or call me on my cell 415.990.3991 and let’s make some plans.

Oh, and I’m also planning on looking for a saddle for my horse, so if you know of a good saddlery in Austin let me know! Yeehaw.

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  • Updated June 14, 2011
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