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July 8, 2009

Mozilla is fresh out of beta and if you’re a fan of Stumbleupon you’re going to love it. Like most URL shorteners it’s got a bookmarklet to add to your browser so you can quickly shorten a url and send it to Twitter.There’s also a WordPress plugin and you can access the API to work it into your own application if you wish, or you can grab the php code to set up short URLs on your own domain. Very nice.

Like and, give you stats on what you sent out including when you get the best response time and re-tweets, traffic to the link, referrers and Stumbles and even includes a rating widget in the link so visitors can vote on the link. If you want short URLs with your own domain you can do that, but be forewarned that the php script required needs PHP5 and your WordPress install needs to be in the root of the directory to do that. (I fiddled with it for a bit and gave up, even though I am running PHP5 on my server..) In addition the auto-tweet feature only Tweets the URL, it doesn’t pick up the title like Tweet this does..

But hey, give ’em some time, it’s just out of beta! We can always make our voices heard to help improve it in their Uservoice feedback forum.

I’m willing to use it for the stats and the opportunity to combine Stumbe and URL shortening all in one!

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