Stop using social media to build traffic to your web site!

There, I said it. And I feel better for it. See, here’s the thing. Some people sell social media as a “great traffic driver” and it is, it’s awesome Google candy too, but that shouldn’t be your goal or your sole reason for using it. What you really want to do is build visibility of your brand, whether that’s a personal or corporate brand. You want to be discovered and for people to actually care you exist. You want to establish your professional reputation. You don’t do that by peppering your conversations with link after link to your services page.

These promoters who say they can drive tons of traffic to your site may be just increasing your bounce rate. Think about it. The last time you went to a social bookmarking site looking for something interesting. You clicked on how many links? How long did you stay on those pages and did you connect with the brand or read a bit and move on?

In most cases it’s the latter unless there is a reason to engage.

So. Here’s my new mantra. Who cares about traffic to your web site. Build traffic to YOU instead. Whatever social site or web site you have a presence on has value and it’s highly likely that your aggregate traffic to your social media sites trumps your web site altogether. So quit worrying about where people find you and just make sure that wherever they do find you they get real, valuable information and a way to connect with you personally.

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