What Do YOU Want to Learn About Social Media?

Social Media Coaching CenterIf you read my blog very often you know that I love to teach people how to get the most out of social media. (Hello, I’m a social media coach…) Whether it’s in groups, boot camps,webinars, one-on-one or right here on my blog, this is my passion.

I’ve been building out a series of online courses that teach people how to use social media networks and tools and my WordPress Class series is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

I know what I think people want to learn, but it’s crucial that we continue to build out content that focuses on what people really want as opposed to what I think they should want. I also want to know more about what format you want to learn in. Video? Step by step tutorials? High-level strategy calls?

SO. I’m doing a little market research. If you or someone you know needs to learn how to use social media for their non-profit, their business or their personal brand send them to this page. The first 25 people who respond through the form below will get 100% access to our online training site for social media for a year.

There are over 200 tutorials in the Social Media Coaching Center already. Step by step videos, strategy, tips and tricks, webinars and downloads. How to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and WordPress. How to create a strategy for video distribution,  and many other social tools as well as how to create and implement an overall strategy that brings it all together into a manageable plan.

In return I’ll be asking for feedback on the site’s design and content and a short 30 minute phone call in which you can ask me anything you want about social media and how to use it. Think of it as a mini social media coaching session. THAT’S how I’ll really find out what people want to learn, and we’ll turn that feedback into new tutorials  and make the site even better.

This offer ends once I get 25 volunteers, and I expect it to fill up quickly so if you want to get in, go for it!

UPDATE: We’ve now got our 25 testers for the Coaching Center, thank you all for signing up. We are already gathering your input and questions to make the site even better!